Foot Pain – Top of Foot

Foot pain on the top of the foot can have many causes, and proper treatment is typically based on a proper diagnosis.

Some causes for pain on the top of the foot require the care of a podiatrist, but many pains of the top of the foot pain can be taken care of conveniently at home with a few helpful speciality products.

Understanding the types of conditions that are associated with foot pain on the top of the foot can help you ensure that you receive the right treatment, and it can also point you in the right direction toward a product that can help you.

Stress Fracture

Recognizing this cause for pain on the top of the foot can be done by evaluating the top of your foot for any swelling.   Generally, the swelling is found around the area that is hurting.

For this condition, certain braces can be worn, or a sleeve such as a Pedifix Forefoot Compression Sleeve can help promote healing.

This product works especially well for stress fractures.


Arthritis is another common cause for foot pain on the top of the foot.  This is due to deterioration of the joints found within the foot.

Some solutions that work wonders are the Cogent Rocker Shoe, which helps to stabilize and support a foot that suffers from arthritis, and the Orthogel Cold Therapy Relief Gel, which is a topical pain reliever.

Proper footwear is essential when you are experiencing pain on the top of the foot from arthritis.

The proper footwear can adequately support the foot, reducing the amount of movement that the joints make while walking. This can help to reduce the pain.

For the best shoe, search for a something that is deeper and has a stiffer sole.

Dorsal Compression Syndrome

Dorsal compression syndrome is a type of pain on the top of the foot caused when the arch of the foot collapses.  This causes the entire foot to flatten.

As the foot flattens, pressure between the bones of the foot is increased.  This increased pressure is the reason for the pain on the top of the foot.

This common top of the foot pain can be treated by using a proper arch support, which can prevent the arch of the foot from caving in.   This will reduce the pressure on the bones of the foot, reducing your pain.

A custom orthotic or total contact orthotic is hands down your best treatment option.

Special orthotic sandals and slippers work best.  These will prevent the arch of your foot from caving in and reduce the pain associated with dorsal compression syndrome.

Whether you resort to compression sleeves, topical ointments, or proper shoes, you do not have to suffer in pain or rack up costly doctor bills.

Understanding the cause of your foot pain can help you to determine the best treatment method.  Any of these problems can be greatly improved with the help of innovative, comfortable footwear products that are specifically designed for foot pain on the top of the foot.

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